Main activities of the Society

1 - Meetings are held every first Sunday of the month at 9.45 a.m. at the Hall of the Capuchin monks, F.S Fenech street, Floriana. Near the Polyclinic.

2 - A lending library of books dealing with the hobby is at the disposal of society's members during monthly meeting.

3 - An annual exhibition is organized at the end of October.

4 - Every other year the society hosts a foreign speaker to present the members with two lectures.

5 - Seeds are collected yearly from members which are then sold to those who would like to raise cacti or other succulents from seeds.

6 - A journal is printed yearly, which is given free to all members.

7 - A monthly Newsletter is sent to all members.

Anyone (especially those from the Maltese society) can send pictures of cacti and the other succulents or submit any article/s for this site. Please send any pictures or articles to The society will post all pictures and writings, as long as they are of no offensive nature.

René Zahra


Planned activities

Sunday 5th January, The Cactus Of Mexico, My fifth visit (12th lecture)
Venue: Cappuchin monks Hall Floriana, Near Floriana Polyclinic.
Speaker: Amante Darmanin
Time 9.45

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mammillaria seed pods

Mammillaria seed pods vary from species to species. They can embellish an already beautiful cactus as shown clearly in these pictures.

The top pictures shows the seed pods of Mammillaria/Mammilloydia candida.

The next pictures shows that of M. pennispinosa. The seeds of this species are very distinctive. they have a large corky attachment called the strophiole. It is said that this allows ants in carrying it easily and hence aids in germination. Just visible in the same picture are the fruits of M. mathildae and M. jaliscana.

The third picture shows the fruit of M. plumosa (bottom), M. bocasana (middle) and M. bocasana ssp.eschausieri.

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